Cindy’s post

Cindy wanted to do this one and update everyone so here she is……

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for all the well wishes and prayers for my mom.  She has had 3 pretty big surgeries, and will have a long recovery.  She had an aneurysm on her aortic artery in her abdomen.  She didn’t have good circulation in her legs, and only one functioning kidney, and colon problems due to plaque build up in her veins and arteries.  The first surgery was to repair the aneurysm.  They also tried to help out her kidney by bypassing a clogged artery and putting a graft in.  They also tried to help out the colon in the same way.  That all worked fine.  However, after restoring better blood flow, some of the grafts in her legs began to fail.  The next 2 surgeries were to restore blood flow to her legs.  She will be in intensive care for awhile.  For the time being, she is still on the ventilator, and they were giving her blood to bring up her hemoglobin when I left there today.  It is a little scary to go in and see her with all those machines, and such attached to her.  The Dr. expects that her recovery will take 2-3 months.  It has been a long few days for us, and I really appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers.

14 thoughts on “Cindy’s post

  1. Oh gosh, I hadn’t been very good about following updates on your blog or facebook! Didn’t know all this had been going on! So sorry, Cindy, that your Mom has been going through so much!! Glad to hear that her surgeries were successful and that’s she’s recovering!! Hope that her recovery time passes quickly for her and she’s feeling much better on the other end!! We’ll be praying for her!!

  2. Thanks for the update, Cindy. I hope your mom’s recovery goes smoothly, and hopefully now that she has better circulation, quicker than expected. That is a lot of surgery!

  3. Glad to hear your mom has done well this far. Hope she continues to get better. She has extra help in the prayer department with Fr. Tylre. We will pray for her too. Keep yourself rested as much as you can. I know first hand how easy it is to forget to do that. Your friend always.

  4. Such a long recovery but it sure helps when you have family there beside you! We will be thinking of you and her and pray that her recovery is better than expected!

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