But still pretty nice out. tho’ it cooled off this evening and the wind is picking up. supposed to howl tonight and tomorrow and we have a chance of a couple inches of snow.

Fr Tyler came out today and we shot some trap. I have a hard time staying on them when they come from the side.

Went to feed afterwards and the team were up on edge. Had a almost run away but I got on the wagon and got ahold of them and we trained! Too much oats I guess. They need more work. If I hadn’t been waiting on a couple of loads of hay I would have hooked onto the disc and gave them some exercise.

I am supposed to run in to Rapid in the morning. Tate is working on a remodel of a bar/restaurant and they have a couple of old beer coolers that I am going to get. See if I can make one into a smoker, as it sounds like it is all metal. Stainless steel too, it sounds like. Also get some pellets and get the camera fixed. Then on to Wall to meet a buddy who is swapping horses with some friends. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Linda sent me info on how to upload the song I was working on to Youtube, so maybe I will get that done. If so, I will let you all know.

Cindy’s mom is having surgery in the morning. She’s pretty nervous and so is Cindy. Say a prayer if you can, please.

Hope took Addy to the doc today and she has lost a little weight so they are going to do some stuff at the hospital to her. Empty her stomach or something. On these early ones they really want them gaining all the time.