Some thoughts

Another beautiful day in West Dakota. Sun is shining, 29 degrees and just small breeze of about 28 mph, moving some soft snow around. I suppose if you was a wussy or a girly man or just wasn’t used to it, it would seem kind of nasty, but we on the High Plains are used to this kind of weather and relish it! Bracing! Makes you feel like a he man!

Some thoughts while I was out feeding this morning with the team:

Laura over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys blog, (she is on my blog roll off to the side of this, but her blog is not for the faint of heart!I read it every day and sometimes several times a day. But be careful before you go to bad mouthing her as she has dinosaurs and flying monkey’s and was trained to kill in the Armed Forces of the good ol’ US of A!) has been going on and on about George Clooney. Like he’s something special. Oh, he can act a little bit and he’s got that over the hill scruffy, gray speckled beard that some younger women with a father complex seem to like, but other than that he’s just another run of the mill, liberal Hollywood dufus. I mean come on! He’s never had but one decent movie and that was O Brother Where Art thou. The only reason he was any good in it was that the Cohen brothers must have used a cattle prod on him to finally get him to show some real emotion. And I admit, he had some worth remembering and quotable lines. But I just don’t see it. I guess there are no accounting for tastes.

But all this made me think about that paragon of southern womanhood who upholds all the claims to class and good nature and outstanding beauty, America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. Now that’s a women!

She is on my list. Matter of fact, she is at the head of my list. You know the list. Each spouse is allowed so many other people they could have a fling with, and the other spouse can’t say a word. I think your allowed like 5 or so. Anyway, Sandra is at the top of my list. ( I think Tom Selleck is at the top of Cindy’s and she got to meet him, so I am way behind!) And I am told Sandra owns property not to far from here. So the chances are good that one day I could actually meet her, and sweep her off her feet, so to speak, with my jolly good nature and older man , rancher/cowboy style good looks and charm. (hey, it’s my dream so shut up!)

And the best part? The older she gets, the better chance I have! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Some thoughts

    1. By golly I think your on to something Mike. What about a big ol’ Dalle vuente loop or even a hip shot when she turns? 🙂 Less deadly maybe?

  1. Hey, you’re married! Leave some for us poor downtrodden single guys!

    I’m also pretty partial to Janine Turner. Word is she’s conservative, too, so that really starts my motor!

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