Thursday 12/30/10

T’ain’t fitten’ out there!

When I looked it was 9 above, but a hard northwest wind blowing about 30 mph.

When I was last in the big city, I went to a popular outdoor store, that has stores all over, but who shall remain nameless. I looked and hunted and talked to supposedly “experts” telling them I wanted a pair of real warm, real tough gloves. They don’t make them in both, so I settled for a pair of gloves with some kind of leather in the palm and all that “wonderful” man made new tech material. Against my better judgment, but a man has to try something new once in awhile. You just never know, one of these times some of this “new and improved” crap might be just that!

Well, it ain’t happened yet. Did I mention I told the people why I needed really warm, really tuff gloves? Well I did and I was assured that these would be way more than adequate, to go out in the cold and harness and hold a pair of lines in my hands? Flexibility plus warmth! Can’t beat that!


I was better off with my lined elk skin gloves with a lite pair of gloves on underneath. Just as I suspected. What I really was looking for was a pair of shooters mitts, which are mittens with a spot for your forefinger. Now what they call shooters mitts are some crappy wool mittens with a top that slides off and it exposes all your fingers that are encased in partial gloves with ALL your finger tips sticking out. How damn many finger do you need exposed to pick your nose or shot a gun for cry out loud?!!!

As I have found out many times before, I will just have to make what I want That is the problem with being a Luddite, no one makes things you want or need.

Maybe if I go online to a store in Alaska I will find what I want.

Nazi, sales people! :- (

9 thoughts on “Thursday 12/30/10

  1. Leather gloves (unlined) with military surplus wool liners…light, warm even when wet, and still fit in your coat or coveralls pocket if it’s *really* cold. Dad gave me a set as a kid (leather gloves and two sets of liners) — I’ve been wearing ’em ever since!

  2. It is hard to find light warm gloves, and I hate the cold, because I can never be warm enough. What J. Thorp said is true! The hubby is always trying new stuff. Good luck with the gloves.

  3. Frustrating! I have this ancient pair of gloves with liners that I use to handle wood. they are warm and tough and fit my short fingers. And the company is out of business…bah.

  4. I tried ski gloves they were warm until I got my hand damp. Then couldnt get my hand back in the dang things the fingers had pulled out. If you find a good pair let me know PLEASE.

  5. I found an old pair of mittens that I can wear a light pair of gloves under and made myself a pair of big mittens I can put light gloves on, then wool gloves then the mitts. Not handy, but warm. I’ll test drive them tomorrow as it will be below zero with winds up to 35 mph.

    I found some like the old shooters mitts I had, but they cost from $100 to $165 and I just hate to pay that. Unless I could try them on.

    1. You might try the Army surplus stores. I have a pair of mittens with a leather palm and canvas back and cuff with a wool liner and they have a finger in them. You can tuck the finger into the mitten and keep warm or let it out and have more dexterity. I have had mine for years and they are still in good shape. They should work great for what you are doing.

  6. Online address for ya’ JB is as follows:
    They have gloves and other rancher things. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Nice pics of your little punchers. Congrats on your new grandaughter too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy making something for her one day.

    1. Thanks JJ, but they don’t have the kind of gloves I am looking for. Very few do. I did find a place but they are very expensive. I’ll just build what I need.

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