Saturday 12/11/10

Don’t suppose I will get to write that header again in my life!

Just a wee bit brisk this morning! Had a regular blizzard last night. I even let the dogs stay in the house, but it didn’t help my sleeping any. Bob just ain’t figured out how to go lie down and sleep all night like Shadow has. 🙂

Cindy stayed in town because of the weather last night and Tyler called from on the road and said it was icy and nasty out, but he made it back to Rapid. Cindy just called a minute ago and she is staying in again tonight as a co-worker can’t make it so she will work his shift. So it’s just me and the animals tonight again. But I think the puppies can stay in their house tonight!

When I drove the team up west to feed them fat spoiled old cows a bale of 2 year old hay, I sure was wishing my beard covered more of my face! Driving into the wind was pretty cold, but coming back with it at my back, it was fine. Sure warms me up to feed cattle on a cold day. Whether they really need it or not!

Yeah, I spoil them!

I was reminded once again last night, what good people I live around. A neighbor to the north of us, who’s cows we really like called last night. I had mentioned to him if he was going to sell any old cows, that Chance might be interested. When he called to tell me he had them sorted off, I explained that I would let Chance know, but that I doubted he would be interested as so far any plan he put together on buying cattle this fall didn’t pencil out to suit him. So Chance called him back and they guy said he would just be his banker. Chance takes the cows and runs them, then pays him in the fall , the agreed upon price, interest free. And he made him a good deal too. Man, it’s great to live around good neighbors!

Chance has gone up and helped him in the past and I think the feller appreciates it and the fact we like his kind of cows. Not real big, and just good cattle. Chance is pretty excited about it and I am happy for him and thankful for this feller.

Now you know why I live where I do and put up with droughty summers and cold, long winters. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Saturday 12/11/10

  1. I sure agree with the nice neighbors! I buy have from a farmer that is not too far from us and he will deliver it for me and not charge me for the delivery! If I end up needing any help with things on the farm I know I can call him and he would come right on over and help me out! Lucky dogs.

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