19 thoughts on “PC100012

    1. The horse on the right is pulling the whole load! Do you know how to hold that one back and whip the other one? Perhaps it is difficult with the camera in your hand, huh?

      1. Welcome to the blog Gee. Yes, I know that I CAN hold one back, but these two travel a lot different and I hate to hang on a horses mouth. The gelding has a long, fast stride and the mare has a short, slow stride. She takes one and a half to almost two steps to cover the same amount of distance as he does. So she is usually at a jog to keep up with his walk. And she is slightly lazier so he goes ahead and does most the work, especially on a light load like this wagon I am pulling. That is why I now have a full sister to her and a full sister to him to train and mate up so that I will have a team that travels better together. Yeas ago, I had a mother and daughter team who were as close to identical as I could get only the daughter was 6 years younger so she had that much more fire and get up and go as the mother. Still and all, they traveled together much better than these two do.

        What do you have for a team, to drive?

        And yes, it is difficult to drive and video at the same time. Need to start packing my buggy whip along to encourage her I guess.

      2. I have found that if one attaches a chunk of chain to the pin where the single tree hooks to the double tree and then attaches the other end to the wagon axle that they can’t scissor the double tree so far around and the faster horse can pull it all without jack-knifing the double tree. It is just hard on things to pull on it all jack-knifed like that. It looks much better, also. A chain on each end of the double tree with enough slack so the double tree cam move about three or four inches works nicely. Just a suggestion. It’s your outfit, not mine. Nice video and photos.

      3. Yes, I know how to attach a hold back. I’ve used them. Usually, I prefer not to and just drive them as they should, but then usually I don’t have only one hand to drive with. On one evener I have the center hole offset so that horse has an easier pull. I did this with the filly when she was younger and still do it on another wagon. Sometime go drive your team, if you have one, one handed, while trying to take a video and show me the results. Might just surprise you on a greener team like this. I did not post this as a tutorial for those who don’t know how to drive a team. I did not say this was the proper way to do it. I was just trying to show those who don’t get to experience this what it is like. Most, other than you, seemed to really enjoy it.

        Again, what do you drive? Do you have any photo’s you can show us? Or are you just good at pointing out others, so called faults as you see it?

        Many people are that way. And most like to remain anonymous. Odd, huh?

    1. As I see it, they are both still pulling the load, unless you have one tied back. I think that is why they make the evener so that it can swivel. Maybe GeeHaw will read this and will inform me of my ignorance.

  1. Hello Rob – Nice talking with you the other day. Great video, I really like to see a team out working, not too fancy, just real horses doing the chores. Nice kindly way they have of getting along.

    1. Great video! Looks like fun. If I can suggest a fix for the video camera. You just need to keep Gus around, You know to film the daily workings and keep the team in line.

    2. Thanks Foster. Yes it was nice visiting with you also. Amazing the people who are headed to your country. One neighbor has been there once and said if they kicked him out u here he would go to New Zealand. Must be nice there. Good luck on the saddle tree.

      1. Yeah Jake, hand a 3 year old my camera. Good thinking! NOT! LOL But I would keep him around. Probably would work ion a few years tho’

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