Nov 19, 10

Biting cold wind out of the northwest this morning. Headed in to town for a funeral of an old rancher. I’ve known his son for quite a number of years and Cindy works with him.

Just had an encounter with a hunter who was friendly, but didn’t understand why I wasn’t to interested in letting him hunt, seeing as he is already hunting on 3 other ranches around here. Can we say greedy, boys and girls? Besides, Tate is coming out and he didn’t get to hunt last weekend.




Here’s a few pics from yesterday when we went to gather. Couldn’t get the new camera to work after I got it out. Too cold and the grease froze up? I should have taken it back today, but didn’t want to drive on to Rapid. It’s cold out and gonna get colder.

One thought on “Nov 19, 10

  1. Its been pretty windy here. It hasn’t been extremely cold but we have had just a few snow flurries. Not like you folks and some up in Canada but it won’t by pass us for long. Hunting starts this weekend. The hubby and son go out together. On our own property.

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