And the answer is……

They are scabbards for draw knives, used to peel logs and poles!

Dang, so many many close answers.

Oh well, all you were going to win was my everlasting gratitude ( and maybe something made from leather). Guess I will just have to hoild another contest one of these days. But you are all so smart, it’s going to be hard to come up with something good enough to keep you from winning!

Thanks for all the answers!

Looks like another beautiful day out there!

6 thoughts on “And the answer is……

  1. reminds me, I need to be gettin another draw knife……..cut poles last week, need to get to skinnin ’em………………….

    1. Wish I had a picture of one of these. They are home made. Much heavier and thicker blade than on my Grandpa’s old knife I have used in the past.

    1. Yayyy, Laura. Yes, purses are made from leather. Would you like one? How much money do you have. πŸ˜‰ LOL

      Simple purses are not that expensive. Ful carved ones are. I hate making purses because face it, I am kind of lazy and there is a lot of work in making a purse.

      If you really are interested in one, call me. We will talk! πŸ™‚

      You’d just haul dinosaurs around in it anyway, or let a cat lie or chew on it, I bet!

      1. I like the those sheaths.

        And draw knives. They’re so pleasant to use. I have a couple from Lord knows knows how long ago. The last time I took one from the pegs, I used it to speed some stock work on one of those hugely oversized semi-inletted rifle stocks. (My buddy Joe swears the ones he’s had are semi-inletted with a chain saw by unskilled babor.

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