Nov 2, 10

Election day. Hope you all voted.

Sunday I had a change of plans. Hope and the boys were in Rapid, having caught a ride up with her sis who had been down there visiting. Chance needed another horses so I loaded up Peaches and picked up Hope and the boys and we headed south. Got down there about 4:30. We drove in to Pine later and eat a sandwich then went to Chance’s boss’ house and met him and family and visited. got up On Monday and helped Chance with his chores and then we got some yearlings in, did some sorting and then I headed back home. I met a truck with a huge barrel or tank on it, just north of Scott’s Bluff and wondered if it was Jeffro. Was that you Jeffro? Met a a little ranch with a whole bunch of windmills up on the hill, close together. I had a red Dodge pulling a red trailer.

When I pulled out of Chadron, Teddy wanted to stutter and cough a little. I kept telling myself it was just a ruff road, but no, as we got further north he definitely had a bad cough at times. Damn! Hope it’s just a fuel filter or the small fuel pump and not the big one. I don’t really have $3600 to invest in a new injector pump. I noticed as I slowed to 65 or so, he didn’t do it as much and once I reached Rapid City, he never did it again all the way home. I will call the local garage and see if they have a fuel filter for him and put it on and hope for the best. Don’t really see what else I can do.

Now, go vote, if you haven’t already. And throw the bums out!

7 thoughts on “Nov 2, 10

  1. Amen to throwing out the bums!

    It really stinks to finally get the vehicle back and something else goes wrong… sounds like you have our luck!

  2. Ok, JB, ignore that last comment of mine! I made a comment and had signed in as my son. Then blogger went hay wire. I did vote and I sure hope nothing is wrong with poor Teddy 😉

  3. I was in Oklahoma all day Monday – but I am in Faith tonight on my way to about sixty miles north of Beach ND and then on up to McGregor.

    I’m hoping everything goes smoothly – there are no motels (or motels with rooms available on short notice) in that country.

  4. Yes I voted..I agree throw the bums out..and it sounds today like some of them are packing their bags..Now if the rest of them can put their pettiness aside and do what is best for the country there might be some hope:)

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