Finally! Election crap is over. Hope the people still in power and the new ones get the message we are mostly pissed off at them! If they don’t pay attention we need to throw these bums out and start over. If we all did that every election for a few they might get the message.

I traded off Pinky, one of my two year old fillies, to a young man who is a neighbor. Took her up to Brad’s today to work with her and make sure she is good to go. She did well and Brad helped me with a few things I had forgot or never knew. With my memory anymore it’s really hard to say!

I tell you, Brad, Eric and Chance, all young men, have helped me a bunch with my horsemanship. Thanks you young fellers for putting up with a forgetful ol’ poop! 🙂

Got a cool gig coming up on Sunday. More info later.

3 thoughts on “11/3/10

  1. Sounds like you are off to a good Fall, autumn, not the bad kind of fall. It is good to have the young ones around to help us out a bit. Have a good one.

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