Saturday Sept 11, 2010

9 years ago that they crashed the Towers. Who would have guessed then that the things that are going on today in this country and around the world would be like this?

Kelvin and I went to the Hills on Thursday and helped Dustin and his boss work some cattle. Had a great ride and saw some new country from the back of a horse. Then we went and helped a neighbor work their calves yesterday. Wind howled like a banshee, but that isn’t anything new when I help this guy. Wind seems to always blow and we get it done.

Ken Cook is driving up to meet us and he and I and Kelvin are headed up top Marmarth, ND for a benefit poetry gig. Going to meet up with my buddy, DW Grothe or as we call him D dub.

Then tomorrow we are catching a ride with Slim McNaught and his bride up to Eagle Butte to try and help raise some funds for a friend, Blaine Nordvold, who’s house burnt down a while back.

On Monday we work the calves on the pasture cattle, here.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Sept 11, 2010

  1. Great to read how Kelvin is enjoying himself in US. Tell him his horses in Denmark are doing just fine but missing him. Love from his wife Sally

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