Monday 9/13/2010

More cattle work for me and Kelvin today. We worked the pairs I am summering. Neighbor helped and all went well. Kelvin and Beav made a real cool looking move on a bulls he was sorting. I tell this guy is gettin’ to be a good hand! Then this afternoon we got Cindy to ride along with us as we went and set gates so the steers could get to fresh pasture. Kelvin rode Pilgrim and I rode Peaches with Cindy on Beaver and we all got along great. Peaches was a sweet heart considering she hasn’t been rode for the past couple months.

Had a great time going, there and on the way home from Marmarth on Saturday. Got home about 1:30 Sunday morning and Ken Cook who went along spent the short night. Then on Sunday Kelvin and I caught a ride with Slim and Darlene McNaught up to Eagle Butte for the benefit for the Nordvolds who lost their house and all possessions to a fire. They raised almost $23,000 for them and also about the same amount down here on Saturday for the Dan Wicks family. Dan has been diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig disease.

Slim and Darlene spent the night and I sure had a good visit with Slim last night. Great fellow and a whale of a poet.

We have nothing planned for tomorrow, but it sounds like Fr Tyler is coming to visit and then we have two days of cattle work down in the breaks.

Heard a good one this weekend. Seems a couple old fellers were setting on a bench and one turned to the other and said, “I am getting so damn forgetful I can’t remember if it was you or your brother who died!”

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