Windsday Sept 8, 2010

Yes the wind is blowing, but it didn’t get too serious about it until after dinner.

Yesterday, Kelvin and I brought the cows in and with the help of Fr Tyler vaccinated the calves with their fall shots and poured them with Ivemec. Then Kelvin and I drove up just south of Buffalo, SD and picked up two new Haflinger mares for me to break. I will break them and match them with the two I have and hopefully have two teams who match up better for the way they work together. Now, my mare walks slower than my gelding and has to trot or jog to keep up. Which, while it will work is not as handy as two who travel at the same speed and length of stride.

Turn’s out that all of these Halflingers from this ranch came from two mares and the same stallion, so I am sure after studying on these two new ones that one is a full sister to my mare and the other is a full sister to my gelding. I will break them this winter and then send one team back to the owner and have a better matched team for my self. It will cost me some feed and work. Not too bad a deal I don’t think. I worked with both of them this afternoon and they are just like their siblings and fairly gentle and easy to work with. I have named them Rose and Rill. Rill is the spitting image and acts just exactly like her sister and Rill is built like her brother and acts like him. She is a sorrel and he is more blond, but color doesn’t matter to me as much as how they work together.

Tomorrow Kelvin and I go to help my nephew and the man he works for, give fall shots and then on Friday we help a neighbor do the same. So Kelvin is getting in lots of riding and Beaver is sad because he has to work much more than he has all summer!

3 thoughts on “Windsday Sept 8, 2010

  1. Thanks for this post. My late father Roy was a horseman, but alas not his boys. Horses for him ended when about 50 years ago, when I was 6. I would love to watch you break these two. Maybe you could post a picture or two some time?

    1. I will try JJ. My friend from Denmark took a few the other day but I will have to wait until he is home to have him send them to me and then post them. Remind me if I forget!

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