I was hired to do a gig for a wagon train coming from Miles City to Deadwood. The gig was yesterday evening. When I got there (about 100 miles from here) there was a guy playing guitar and singing and doing a whale of a job. I was a little early so stood around and watched until approached by a guy who was one of the ones in charge. He was apologetic as he didn’t know I was coming! Hmmm.

Another case of several people being in charge. He felt sorry for me and was going to have me perform after this other guy got done. I said it really didn’t matter. Then Mother Nature took charge with wind, rain and lightning, so the people all went into their wagons and tents and he and I decided that they would not come back for more entertainment. No big deal, I will call the lady later today, who hired me and make sure the meager check she is going to send me is still on the way. I fulfilled my part, seems like. I sure would have done the work if anyone wanted me too and I did arrive before time. Oh well, this kind of thing happens once in awhile. But it sure make me careful when getting a job and I like to be paid half in advance, just in case.


6 thoughts on “Dang

  1. Used to play in a country rock band back in the day. We were once done in by a huge thunderstorm with flooding and power outage. Lost some of our equipment to water damage getting to the venue…and alas didn’t get paid, although we did get free beer. Hope you are better paid. lol

  2. We have been to a couple of your performances so I know that the people from the wagon train sure did miss out, as your show is definitely entertaining!!!!! Good luck on getting your fee.

  3. That deal was obviously not handled right by the people running it. Those folks missed out on a good time. Hope you get payed for your time and travel expences! Sure do wish Dallas and I were closer we would mosey on over and let you perform for us just to keep you sharpend up and on your toes! Heee Heee! Miss you guys tell Cindy Happy Bday!

    1. Thanks Shelia, appreciate it and will pass the Bday greeting on. If you ever get anywhere’s close to this country sure let us know!

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