Isn’t it odd how, oh I don’t know, maybe odd is the right word, that we are? A while back when I saw it was going to warm up in the low 2o’s I was pretty excited and happy. Now I see it’s going to get up to 22 or 23 today for a high and I am disappointed. Never satisfied, are we?

Oh well, it will be back up in the 30’s again tomorrow and then they are saying 40’s.

I don’t care what Missy say’s, talking about the weather, this time of the year, is about as exciting as it gets around here! 😛

That and calving, near calving or “Oh why in the hell did we turn the bulls in so early last spring” comments I hear from a few.

It’s been warm enough that it has melted enough snow and ice to try and run some water.

Interesting thing going on over to the local village. The powers that be (feds) decided to replace the bridge across Red Owl creek. This bridge is used daily by lots of traffic. A few years ago they put one of those rubber lines across the road that counts traffic and there was an average of 110 vehicles use that road daily! Amazing for our sleepy little village.

So federal mandates said the bridge had to be redone. Last fall they came in and dropped a small culvert or two in the creek and covered it with dirt for a detour, just up stream from the bridge. Supposedly they would start on the new beridge the 1st of March. Guess what? Yeah, snow, ice and not a very handy time to work on a bridge, right now. The people who live in the village are a little peeved and can’t understand why they didn’t get this done last fall or summer or even wait and do it this summer. There is no way the small culvert or culverts will handle the flow of water that is about to start coming down the creek. The “experts” (it is to laugh! Ha!) claim the excess will flow out and north of the creek in a shallow wide drainage. The problem with that plan is, there is a tiny culvert where the water is supposed to go under the road, and the end of that culvert has been mashed down over the years from different incidents. The past couple springs when we’ve had quite a little spring run off, the unobstructed creek and that small culvert could barely handle the flow. And now we have ice and snow packed deep and ready for the spring flood which looks to be much more than the past few years. Hmmm……

Hope them folks have good flood insurance!

Maybe those in power who say it will work should move in alongside this creek until the work is done?

2 thoughts on “Odd

  1. Those of us that have been here a few winters just get used to the fact that you can’t hurry spring along. huh? lol. Had a bull get in our heifers earlier than I liked, but so far don’t see much bagging. Should have several weeks left yet. I am one who DOES remember the spring before and I don’t have any trouble holding the bulls out a while in the summer.

    Don’t you just love government. If we all ran our outfits like uncle sam does, we’d all be roses!

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