Had a little excitement this morning while feeding.
Going thru’ a gate with the team, while taking the horses the last little bit of the bale I had unrolled for the cattle, I have been trying to talk the team thru’ without taking a hold of the lines and just using my voice. They are getting better all the time and I walk alongside and holler “whoa” if it looks like it isn’t going to work or they start to get off course.

Last couple days they have worked real good and just act like an old broke team should. Today as we went thru’ there were a lot of horses right there and the team had to walk out on some ice and break thru. Which was fine, but they pulled up short so I’d have to speak to them again to “get up”. Then I’d have to stop them as they were a little nervous and then I’d speak to them again so we were going about it in fits and jerks and I really hated to leave the gate and let a bunch of loose horses out. The last time I said whoa, they ignored me and just kept going, headed for the other side of the corral and the open gate! I went on the run across the ice and swung the gate behind me all at the same time and just got them headed off and stopped before they hit the other fence.

Here’s some pictures to help see where we went.

8 thoughts on “Whew!

    1. Yup, just more time and more miles. Sure better than a car or tractor. The more miles on them , the more worn out.

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