Nice day

Had a guy come out and got my pellet stove to working. I am not too sure why them  type of people are better at these things than I am other than the fact I am about as mechanical as a stick!

Started the tractor and checked out the new loader pump. Wow! I’d forgot my loader could work that fast and effortlessly! Went up the creek and dug some wood out for the kids and dug some bales out and hauled a few home. Got a little water running in the creek. Cool! Better get my kayak ready! 🙂

Now I need to take the grapple fork off and clean out the back of the shed and get it ready for Chances calving cows. They are supposed to start the 15 of March. Ours will go sometime after the 1st of April. Still plenty early. Especially with the winter we’ve had, but if it would stay like this for a couple weeks we’d be more brown than white, seems like. Ahhhh, I can always hope!

3 thoughts on “Nice day

  1. Hi there RD just thought Id tell you that we have a horse drawn scrapper that they used on the WPA projects. I think they called them tumble bugs. Looks like it might hold all of an eight of a yard.

  2. Yeah Bill, I have seen those. We had an old Fresno . Imagine the dirt that was moved with those tiny things, compared to what they use now!

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