Ready for the ice

Laramie came today and brought a friend. They got the team shod. I fed with the tractor this morning as it was getting so icy I was afraid the team might slip and hurt themselves. I tried to dig more bales out of the frozen snow that entraps so many, but the loader would barely work. So this afternoon when Chance was here to help me, we put a different pto pump on and now it works fine. So I went out and dug another row of bales out. I shouldn’t have to move any now unless they really snow and drift back in. Of course, they are predicting snow for this weekend, so we’ll see. I am supposed to go to Hot Springs for a gig but I bet they cancel it for now. Not going to get much of a crowd if it’s a blizzard. That is fine with me. I don’t want to be blizzard’d out and leave all the feeding to Chance.

7 thoughts on “Ready for the ice

  1. Trying to get out frozen bales has got to be one of the most pain in the asses there is! I remember when we had to feed round bales to the cows and I hated it, made the bales even heavier than normal! Hopefully no blizzard or ice hits! We have been getting snow flurries off and on for the last few weeks but it has been warm enough that it is no big deal at this point. Take care!

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