Another one….

Cindy got home about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. She said that with what they are predicting for weather, she wanted me to take her back to town and leave her as soon as she could pack a bag. So we loaded up and headed in. Chance was here so he rode along. She packed for an extended stay and hopefully I can get her Sunday afternoon.

Dean stopped in yesterday morning about noon to drop off a letter of ours that had gotten in their mail. He was headed to Punkin Center, so I rode along and we ate at Bull Creek. I got a stack of hay out back of the houses busted out and made it so it will be easier to get bales if it storms and blows much. Looks like we got another one coming in, starting with freezing rain. I am supposed to do a gig in Hot Springs on Saturday night, but we will just have to see. I hate to cancel, but I also hate to get stormed out and leave Chance to try and get back and forth between his house and up here to feed.

This storm is going to come with south east winds and then switch around. That’s always fun.

This is the kind of winters I remember growing up and when my kids were small. Then we had about a 9 year respite. We can handle it, but it isn’t as much fun.

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