After dinner, Dean came down and loaded his horse in the trailer and rode with me . We stopped and picked up Delbert at his corner and went over to Casey’s and roped with him and Calin. We are kind of rusty, tho Dean was sure sticking the del viento. We quit after about 10 head. We were starting to get sore shoulders. Sure had a good time. I don’t know why we don’t try harder to get together and do this stuff. Always a good time and good visiting. We just get so caught up in our lives and let theses kinds of things slide. Maybe we will do some more if the weather don’t get too bad. Sounds like they are trying to send us some colder weather and some snow.

2 thoughts on “Roping

  1. I envy you. There was once a time when I used to rope almost daily. Where did that go? In a year or so I plan to retire to the Black Hills, maybe we could get together. Are a header, or a heeler? Allen

  2. Both Allan. This is ranch roping where you throw the fancy loops at a mostly stationary target. Slow and smooth, not fast and furious. But I’d be glad to rope with you. There are quite a few around here who do rope, so you’d have no problem finding people to team rope with.

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