This sums it up

Muslims? Help?

Check this out.

I have always assumed any of you would know to highlight, copy and paste this link into your browser bar to get to the site. I’d make it an easier link, but I can’t seem to make it work.

5 thoughts on “This sums it up

  1. Okay, sorry to play with your comment section, but I just used common HTML for that link, and I’d assume it works in the body of your posts as well. This is the format:

    [a href=””]The part that is the link – whatever words you want[/a]

  2. Okay, had to make sure the brackets I used DIDN’T work. Instead of the [] brackets, you want to use the brackets. So, you start with the < bracket, then a then hit the space bar, then href, followed by the = sign. Then the quote symbol " followed by the actual link cut and pasted from the address bar of the page you want people to see. Then, you write what you want the link to appear as, followed by the bracket. The a href part is the opening tag, and the /a part is the closing tag.

    This is also the form you use for italics, striking, bold and other such goodies. Italics would be [i]italic[/i] or for real italic – note the opening i requires a closing i with the closing / tag. Bold is [b]bold[/b] or bold.

    I hope you don’t mind me telling you this in your comments – but I’m not that familiar with what WordPress supports and had to experiment.

    And back on topic – I looked around the Intertubes yesterday just to see if there were any Muslim fund raising or help being sent and all I could find was a Muslim organization in Britain is trying to raise some shekels to send – and that’s it. All the Muslim news outlets have information about all the other countries that are sending aid (Israel, even!), but the Saudis, Turks or any other Mid East country? Forget it.

    ROP my aching ass, as Acidman would have said it.

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