7 thoughts on “Dying down

  1. Gads, Jingle Bob…who stomped on your tail???? A little harsh, don’t you think? Just because you were stuck at home, alone, in a 3 day blizzard doesn’t give you the right to pound the piss out of the rest of the world…sounds to me like you’re the one who’s whining. But… we love you just the same ;O)

  2. However…glancing at your photo’s…you do have a wee bit of shoveling to do…so I guess it’s legal for you to take out your frustrations on the rest of the world…wouldn’t your tractor start?

  3. Yeah, tractor started, No I just got tired of reading and hearing all the whining from people who are to well off to know it.

    Now that I got Grandkids here, I am in a much better mood! 🙂

    1. I knew it!!! I just knew it! Sitting at home on Christmas day alone just can’t be any fun at all…we are all the same, when the holidays come around we want to spend the time with family and friends…Glad to hear Scrooge didn’t completely ruin your Christmas :O)

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