Still a blizzard

This is the 3rd day of this. Just talked to a friend down south west of here not far from Cheyenne Wy and it sounds like they only have about an inch of snow and lots of wind.

We have a drift almost as high as the box on my Dodge Ram 3/4 ton pickup. And they re pretty high! Drift off the steps goes a long ways. Drift behind my pickup that is pretty tall also. So when I go out to feed this afternoon as this is supposed to start slackening, I will have some fun digging.

Cindy of course stayed in town again yesterday and when she went to go to work this morning they tried to come and get her with some little 6 wheeled or tracked vehicle that they buried in the parking lot of the apartments Cindy is staying at. So they had to call for a big loader to come dig it out. Sounds like they have some pretty big drifts in Sturgis.

A friend from Nortyh West Iowa sent an email and sounds ike they re having funalso.

Why do people feel the need to go out in these conditions?

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