As Dennis Miller used to say on his TRV show, “I hate to get off on a rant here”, but……

We get a three day doozy of a blizzard. How long has it been since we had one of those in this country at Chriustmas? Been awhile. Setting here this morning reading all the comments and talk on the internet from blogs and Facebook, of people I read and know who have just went thru’ this. And what do I read? Whine, whine, bitch, bitch and moan, moan! “Woe is me!”

Oh how sad that your poor little lives have been upset by Mother Nature. On all the farm/ranch blogs I read, I never saw one person who whined about the extra work to feed the stock. Just the satisfaction of knowing they got the stock all fed and taken care of. Mostly (sorry town and city dwellers) all I read was whine, whine, cry, cry. because we can’t get somewhere we WANT to go. Oh my!

Things didn’t go your way!

How sad!

In most cases, no one had to go or be anywhere, they just WANTED to be somewhere else. They were all warm and dry and well fed. Was that good enough? NO! Oh hell no!

We are going to pout and stomp our widdle feet and act like the spoiled rotten little brats we are because we didn’t get our way

What a bunch of crybabies.

Here’s a thought. Maybe instead of whining about what you don’t have ,you ought to count your blessings that you are not in a war torn country as a soldier or a person who’s country is being torn apart by strife and war. Or that you are not living on the street tryingto stay warm and get food for you and your family. Or that you live in a country where you still have the right to whine and carry on like brats.

What a bunch of whining, bed wetting, spoiled little brats we have in this country. No wonder they voted in the pin heads we have in Congress! Like begets like I guess.

Grow up people and think about someone else besides your own selfish self!!!!

Sorry, but I am tired of your whine.

Maybe it’s just cabin fever. Guess I will go feed my hungry cows and horses.They don’t whine and are just happy to have what they have.

25 thoughts on “Whiners

  1. I’m west of you in Montana and think it’s a hoot that once our weather leaves here and hits some larger cities it becomes news.

  2. Thanks Jim.

    Yes Don, that is sure true. Maybe I am one of them?

    It’s a hoot ain’t it Sherman. Of course, out here in fly over land, no important really lives or nothing important ever really happens, does it? πŸ˜‰

    Awww Dickie, you know I wasn’t talkin’ about you!

    Wes, your right. (Damn I hate having to say or write that!) I never thought of it like that. I will quit MY whining now! πŸ™‚

  3. I was just razzin at you there Jiggles.

    I have often thought on days like we have been having how nice it must be to be a townie and on a bad weather day be able to curl up by the fire and not have to worry about any other living thing.

  4. Heh! Good rant!

    All I’ve got to feed these days is a cat, and the weather doesn’t affect that. I’m just tickled to have electricity and heat – tv and Algore’s Intertubes are a bonus.

    Just got home from OKC visiting my sister – they got 14.1″ in six hours on top of ice. The idea that there were several generations of Okies that had never driven in that kind of mess filled me with far more dread than my ability to drive through it.

    When the State Patrol closes an Interstate there, they just park a trooper in the median with his lights on – watching people drive by. You can drive on the “closed” roads, but at your own risk. That’s far different than the padlocked gates in your country!

  5. If I didn’t want to lower the average intelligence of my state, which is already deplorably low (how else do you explain Charlie Crist?), I’d invite all these whiners to come live in Florida, where we equate 50 degrees with artic weather. They’ll be welcome to stay through the next hurricane, too.

    There’s nothing better to induce a healthy respect for the power of nature than watching your neighbor’s roof being torn off by 100+ mph winds while praying very hard that your roof isn’t the next to go.

    (And I know some winter storms up your way can be just as fierce, but somehow they never get the attention our storms get.)

  6. Jeffro, I always appreciate your sage words. Poor you, out there with them idiots. In Rapid City, every first storm of the winter, there are all kinds of wrecks. By spring most have taken themselves out of the game or learned how to drive! πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine driving a truck amongst these fools!

    kishnevi, thanks for the comment. I’d take some of that real cold 50 degree weather right about now! πŸ™‚ I like your blog!

  7. I can whine if I want to and I’m going to….I am sick and tired of all the blizzards we have had in the last 13 months. There I feel better!!! I feel for you guys that have to go feed your livestock and I feel for the livestock that have to try and stay alive in this. Spent many a year (19 to be exact)out at the ranch chasing the sheep and cattle and horses. It makes for trying times but isn’t it the best of times too!!! Stay safe Robert and just remember YOU told me to write once in awhile…………………..

  8. if you think the whiners are out now wait untill GLOBAL WARMING hits full stride week ending 12/15 /09- 815 new or tied snow fall records now thats to (wine) about! LOL!!! sure is pretty with some glass between us and it! it being the weather. 3 to 5 tonight first snow this season.

  9. Yes Dave it is pretty. But I imagine my whining will pick up in a month or so if it, if it stays like this! πŸ˜‰

  10. saved the best 12/16-27/09 877 snow fall records tied or broken . just thinking about it will make you feel better when trudging outside ! remember its about the challenge and you cant fool anyone you love it

  11. Boy ..do I hear ya..I don’t do near the work in the weather you and some folks do..but I can say I am getting alittle sick and tired of the whiners, too! Some people just don’t know hopw well off they are! (.. and no, I’m not your cousin..tho maybe we could be or we should be)

  12. you must take my comments on the GLBWRM with that perverbial grain of salt .we would be ahead listening to DiVinci as to most so called experts of the day.

  13. I don’t get it either. If I’m warm,dry, fed and no one is shooting at me I’m ok. Too many whiners in this world.

  14. That is a lot of records Dave. You will notice that they now call it Climate Change. Yeah, right. Because the Climate has never ever changed before for any reason before mankind screwed every thing up!

    Kay be glad you are NOT my cousin! LOL

    Yeah JimB life can be pretty good if you just quit thinking you have to have more and think you should have it better than others. Oh my, aren’t we so special? LOL

  15. I have to admit that it is entertainment beyond the laughtrack to watch all the citiots try to drive in this…. Here in the Great Rainy we have had a touch of the White already…which was HILARIOUS to watch…and profitable too.

    Watching the Metroplex have a nervous breakdown over 3″ of snow and a few steep hills (yeah they ARE steep with either water or vertical concrete at the end of the slide) to contend with has been well worth having to get out and turn the hubs in. The profitable part comes only when its bad enough that the WSP tells folks to stay home…and the towing services are 12-16 hours behind calls…then the city folks who are out of place will pay handsomely to unstick the Escalade, Expedition(Eddie Bauer edition) or Jeep Grand Poohbah from the ditch into which it has slid.

    I take cash ONLY thanks…with discounts of up to 100% for Active Duty Service folks or Police/Fire/Rescue (yeah they get stuck too…like the odious WSP officer who threatened to ticket me for unlicensed towing…and whom I informed that I couldnt pull HIM out later as he might ticket me….and yes i did pull him out after serving him some CROW, rare)

    So while other may whine…I view it as cheap entertainment and potentially profitable at the same time.

  16. Really enjoyed this article. Very well said! By the way, down here in North Georgia, we just barely finished getting over one of the worst droughts in this state’s history. For two years hardly any rain, and many water sources were drying up. What ticks me off is this – it has been raining nice and steady for the past three months solid, so now all lakes and water sources are well above full-pool level. Do you hear sounds of HURRAY? No, now all you hear are folks COMPLAINING that it rains three days per week. Can you believe that crap?! Folks, you just cannot measure the stupidity and ingrateful behavior of idiots who hate it when nature “disrupts” their precious daily cycle. One journalist even complained that he finds it difficult to let his dog in from the outside with wet paws – that the excessive rain is making it harder to clean his floors with we dog prints everywhere. AMAZING! Makes me puke how folks are.

  17. Thanks for the comment She who listens. Must be an Indian name, huh? LOL

    Yeah, people sure are an ungrateful lot!

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