This and that

I took off the other afternoon and drove down south east of here to look at a buddies ranch. I spent the night and then after looking it over the next morning, took off and came home. He had hay to put up. And threatened to put me on a tractor!

Yesterday I hauled a cow to the butcher and then took a dry cow of Chance and Hopes on to the sale and stuck around and got the check for them.

Today I showed some yearling’s to a sale barn rep. Then worked on a water system down at a well south of here. Drove the tractor down, but couldn’t finish up by myself, so left the tractor and walked home. Whew. That is hard on an old fat guy!

Now I am waiting on Cindy to come home and give me a hand. She went out in the kayak last night. She even had to admit that it was fun!

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Heidi, If I had driven the tractor, it would have broke! I have this bad habit of breaking any machine I come in contact with. Best to just stick to cows and horses, ma’am!

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