There was a 50th birthday party for my friend Rick, last night at his brothers. We went and had a good time. Then the clouds opened up and let loose.When we left and made a run for the car we got soaked. Must have gotten over an inch, any way. The dog food pan on the steps was running over.You got to love a wet country. Unless your trying to put up hay

Chance and I rode up north and doctored on my favorite cow who had a sore foot. Maybe she ain’t my favorite no more? We also doctored on a heifer and a bull with bad eye and bad foot. Chance  is getting to where he can really stick it on the head end. And he rode Mijo and he’s getting better at tracking also.

When we got up this morning, Fr Tyler was sleeping on the couch. This is his day off. Not too sure what time he came in last night.

4 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. I’m convinced that finding a priest asleep on your sofa without knowing when he came to be there is some sort of huge blessing in the cosmic scheme of things!

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