Ropin and golf

We went on our annual golf/tripping day. We go to Deadwood for the beginnings of th Days of 76 rodeo and watch the single steer roping. Then we go and play 9 holes of golf. The group varies from year to year, but about anyone who wants in is welcome. We have a mix of us codgers and some of the younger guys. Chance wanted to go but needed to stay home and help a feller with his haying.

My buddy Keith, came up and brought a horse to a young man I know who is working east of here and riding on lots of yearling’s. So then he spent Monday evening here and yesterday we went on the tripping/golf day. The rest of the group decided to play another 9 holes, but Keith had a fair drive to get home so we took off after one game. I did swing by the open cut mine in Lead to show him that big hole in the ground. Anyone who is going by, should really stop and look at it. Pretty amazing all the rock that has been relocated there, looking for and removing, gold.

Day before, I worked with a cut up filly and the grandkids were here so we played with horses. Here’s a few pictures.





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