I had a great day!

Chance and the boys came up and Gramma watched the little guys while Chance and I rode on cattle. We roped and doctored a couple with sore eyes and caught one that had twine around the base of his little stub horns. People will do that when they dehorn, so that the horns don’t bleed so bad, but they are supposed to take the string back off in  day or two. Dumb SOB’s left this on. Second one we have found, like that. Poor ol’ steer had a sore around the base of his horns where it had cut in. He didn’t appreciate us catching him and taking it off and giving him a shot ,but oh well, that’s our job!

The dishwasher quit and Cindy’s lawn mower was broke down, so we took off for Rapid. Tate had left his billfold this weekend and needed it pretty bad, so we did some shopping in Rapid, got a new dishasher, dropped the lawnmower off at the repair shop, got my glasses fixed and headed for Custer. As we came up on the place that gives Copter rides over the Black Hills, on a whim, we decied to do it! Kind of pricey for no longer than you are in it, but I always wanted to ride in one. It was way better than a little plane! Now I can say I have ridden in one!

We went on to Custer and met Tate and had supper and gave him his billfold, took off towards home and stopped at Cabela’s and wouldn’t you know it, they had kyaks on sale! Cindy got tired of my whining and slobering all over her feet and finally gave in and let me get one! Woohoo, watch out fish, here I come! Woohoo!

Now,if I can just find a seal or walrus to kill, I will be all set!

4 thoughts on “Woohoo!

  1. How exciting, we’ve been so wanting to get over to do the tour of the black hills, deadwood etc. But since it’s just the two of us with the cattle and finding time, well you know how that goes.
    Gumbo Lily, I like that 🙂

  2. If you are coming over, let me know. It would be fun to get to meet up, face to face.

    We are doing a good poetry gathering on the Sunday before Labor Day, at Devils Tower. Just cost 5 to get a vehicle in and we set in the shade and pick and do poetry. Come to that, if nothing else.

  3. There are pictures on this blog or on Ranch Country of me in one a couple springs ago. Oh yea of little faith!

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