Must be millions of them around here! The river breaks are even worse, seems like. They are really thick in the clover up west. I ordered some Semasphore bait from Planet Natural out of Bozeman and it got here yesterday. It gives the hoppers the sickness they will eventually get that Mother Nature uses to wipe them out. I am just trying too hurry the process along. I’ve used it in the past and think it is the best, most cost effective way to deal with them. I am not sure if you could save a crop with this stuff, but the neighbor who told me about it originally, some years back, thinks you can, if you apply it thick enough.

When they eat it, they start to get sick and eat 75% less and even if they lay eggs, the eggs are infected and will have the sickness also. It also causes cannibalism so they spread it among themselves. We got 50 pounds and just drove around, scattering out the window of the little Suzuki we use as a 4 wheeler. Cost about $130 bucks laid in. And it doesn’t kill the good bugs. Just the hoppers.

Die hoppers, die!

Chance and I went up and doctored on some yearlings this morning and had another wonderful adventure, losing ropes and horses and chasing them down. I won’t mention any names to protect the guilty, but I am sure glad it wasn’t me who lost the rope or horse. 😉

5 thoughts on “Hoppers!

  1. I hate hoppers. We don’t get them as bad as when the neighbors had the country all tore up farming but every once in a while one is too many 😦

  2. I will have to do some digging but there is a grazing system that will help eliminate grass hoppers. It was studied at Miles City and actually worked. Won’t help this year but might be something to try in future years. Besides you won’t be out much. Anyhow– I will try and get the info for you.

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