July 4

Wet! I don’t remember a 4th like this, tho’ Dad talked of a 4th when he was a child and it snowed. Anything can happen in this country!

We had mist and lite drizzle all day yesterday and then in the evening it rained so hard that you couldn’t see out the window! Must have gotten over an inch. There is an old frying pan setting on the step and it is full of water.

Remember the cat who had kittens in the house last winter? Guess what?!

Yup, she’s at it again. When I got up at 5 I could hear mewing. I finally found a wet, fresh born kitten, in the closet by the front door. Then I found the cat in my leather shop with some other kittens. When I went outside later, I found 3 by the red granary that sets next to the house, for storage. Then I found one that looked to be dead, out by the other front door. When I went to move him, I saw he was still alive! So I brought him in with the others and left them in the leather shop. I hear mewing again, so I better go see where else she has left them!

Man, how many kittens can one cat have?

Anyone need kittens?

7 thoughts on “July 4

  1. Through a round about way, after reading an article in the South Dakota Magazine, I happened on your site. I have been checking in every other day to hear what is going on at your ranch. Enjoying the pictures on your sight, I decided I could live a cowboy’s life vicariously! (I don’t know if you call yourself a “cowboy”.) But, being from the east river, anyone wearing a cowboy hat and sitting on a horse is a cowboy or a cowgirl to me. I think I would be over whelmed by the wide open spaces that I observed in the pictures of your cattle. It does look like beautiful country. I hope you find places for all those little kittens.

  2. *chuckle*
    Free kitten with each visit!
    Great marketing technique there JB!

    We got the rain down here but only to break the heat.
    After the firewords we got diluged.
    Great fire control, huh?


  3. Oh kittens! My cat had 3, two she has hidden somewhere, one she abandoned and now is living on the porch, where he causes all kinds of chaos…So funny.

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