I survived!

The gig went well. 10 year olds in bunches of 30 with a few teachers and parents mixed in. I never did play the guitar, just told the history of ranching in this country and then answered questions. Got pretty gory at times. They all wanted to learn about killing cows and how to do so when you put one down to ease it’s suffering and misery. Typical.

The girls all asked about the horses. Had a chance to talk about “mustangs” and how the horses that run wild now are really feral and not mustangs as many imagine.

They all now know that ranchers just use what nature provides for cow feed for the most part where farmers till the soil and harvest with machines.

It really went better than I hoped for. 20 mintues is about right for a set of kids. Some groups were hard to draw into a discussion while others I could hardly answer all the questions. Seems to do a lot with the teachers. Those who had teachers who were animated and involved seemed to be the same way. Those who’s teachers acted like they really didn’t want to be there, acted pretty much the same way. I guess we really are examples, huh?

I then drove all over the city looking for a decent magnifying glass to be able to see the canceled checks, or at least the copies the bank sent me, only on the new account, they sent them even smaller than normal. Me, being right on top of things all the time, I am just now entering those checks from last year in my Quicken account on the computer. So I have a years worth of copies of canceled checks that are way to small to read with the naked eye, and I can’t wear my glasses and use the computer as it gives me a headache. So I drove and looked and drove and looked and finally settled on a small domed on and a small regular one. Hope one works. I hate book work!

3 thoughts on “I survived!

  1. I took my spinning wheel to school for a few demonstrations years ago. It was fun to see the boys so interested, but the girls thought it was a lot of work, especially when all I got out of it was a big, long string.

    It was a lot more rewarding to go to the Pioneer Power shows in Minnesota and demonstrate. Once again, the men were more interested than the women, who, by this time, knew that the string had to be turned into something useful by knitting, weaving, or crocheting.

    Glad you had a good time!

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