Stockshow time

I went in and picked up Cindy about noon on Saturday and we went to Rapid to the Stockshow. Wandered around and visited with some friends we don’t see too often. Got sore feet. Hooked up with friends from Iowa who were out here for the week end. We hauled a couple of them to Deadwood and we all went to supper then gambled a bit. Went back to one of their motel rooms and had a good bull session. Cindy drove us back to Sturgis, whining because she had to drive. I’d had a couple drinks so refused to drive. That will learn her to let me imbibe!

We stayed at a motel in Sturgis. The room we had ,had the jets in the tub so I was looking forward to a good soak when we got there. I got the water running and when I got in and turned it on it shot black junk out into the water! We weren’t pleased! Cindy is going to take it up with the manager as she stays there on occasion when she has bad roads to drive on.

I go in tomorrow to speak to school children most of the day in bunches of 50. 10 year olds. Oh joy! Makes you wonder who is in charge if they allow me to talk to kids, don’t it?

History of this country and ranching I guess is what I am supposed to talk about. Not real sure how to run it but I bet I’ll figure something out. Probably take my guitar along and if nothing else just sing some songs and tell them some poems and stories. Maybe ask them what they want to talk about and let them lead the session.

Pray for me!!!!

Pray for the kids!!!!!

Hell, better pray for the Stockshow too!

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