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Got back from Hot Springs about noon on Sunday. Had a great time and it was fun to have Cindy along. She doesn’ty get to go that often so it was a treat for her and also for me and the friends we have made  that were there and don’t get to see Cindy often enough.

Chance and I went up to the big shoot at the archery club yesterday after I got home. Chance got to shoot several big weapons and had a blast. We came home and I got a nap. Man, I needed that! I never sleep well away from home. Something about hard beds. I sure wish they had these air mattresses at motels.

Went out this morning and weaned the colts and rode tyhru’ the yearlings.

Got a friend coming to look at some land that will sell Wednesday. So we will have people with us for another day. I won’t hardly have time to miss Kelvin!
Then I go to Alzada on Sunday and more friends coming in Sunday night to spend a couple days. I might even get some work out of them!

Now, I need to go to work on some saddles.

Been awhile since we looked at the colts. Here they are.

Here’s pictures from yesterday.

Kelvin and I are about to head out to a neighbors to help gather sort and what have you. It’s down in the breaks. 50% chance of rain and this is one of the few times I wish it would hold off. When it rains down in there, you might just end up staying for a few days! I’ll try and take a few pictures.

Got up and went to church. I played and led the singing with Theresa. Our new priest has helped the attendance out.

When we got home we had brunch. Then Kelvin and I built us each a set of bucking rolls. After noon, Chance and I went down and fixed a little fence and took Gus with us. Hrd to get a lot done with that boy along! LOL

Then Kelvin and I went and put the bucking rolls on saddles and I worked Crackerjacks mom, Sweety. She sure is. Ready for the girls or the kids. Just a nice little mare, but I feel funny riding her, no bigger than she is. But plumb willing and gentle.

Then Kelvin rode Beav and I rode Mijo and we took a little tour up north and checked the cows to make sure we didn’t have any sick calves like last year. Lots of feed up there. Should find someone who wants some fall pasture for a month or two.

Keith called and sounds like he’s coming to look at some land that will sell in a week or two.

Kelvin and Chance went and worked on setting a post at a tank and then fixed some fence this morning. I took the tractor and pushed and pounded some big pipe posts in the ground, worked on the old falling down shed and pushed up some fallen trees and then pushed and picked up some old wire down in the strips. After dinner I worked on leather while K and C wentand fenced some more. Then we caught horses and went and doctored yearlings. Man, Woody is a wild thing. Plumb wore me out! Chan and I switched horses and I roped a heifer on Frankie B. He’s gettin’ pretty broke.

I need to oil the saddle I have been working on and put the concho’s on and it will be ready to go.

Heres a shot on the way to Sheridan the other day and some pictures Kelvin took while I was working the first colt yesterday.

Went out this morning and finished up our work on the round corral. Took the tractor and pulled some old posts and moved some gates, did a little dirt work in the corral, re-hung an old gate we worked on to straighten out and put a latch on. Came in and fixed dinner and went out and rode this afternoon. Then worked with 4 colts. I am tired. Don’t sound like much, but damn sure wore me down.

Kelvin took pictures while I was working with the first filly, so if any pictures turn out good, I’ll post them later, seeing as how the camera’s battery went dead on him.

Kelvin and I picked up Rooster and we all headed out to Sheridan today for a rush trip. Got some stuff at Sheridan Leather and had to buy a rope at Kings of course. Met up with a friend from the internet I had never met before and had a grand time visiting. We decided we should have had more foresight and took horses and stayed to help him work cattle. Maybe another time. We took the back roads between Sheridan and Gillette for the return trip and enjoyed the views along that trail. Long day but we all had a great time!

Glad to hear there will still be a few readers left here, when I get back to blogging more steadily! 😉