Got back from Hot Springs about noon on Sunday. Had a great time and it was fun to have Cindy along. She doesn’ty get to go that often so it was a treat for her and also for me and the friends we have madeĀ  that were there and don’t get to see Cindy often enough.

Chance and I went up to the big shoot at the archery club yesterday after I got home. Chance got to shoot several big weapons and had a blast. We came home and I got a nap. Man, I needed that! I never sleep well away from home. Something about hard beds. I sure wish they had these air mattresses at motels.

Went out this morning and weaned the colts and rode tyhru’ the yearlings.

Got a friend coming to look at some land that will sell Wednesday. So we will have people with us for another day. I won’t hardly have time to miss Kelvin!
Then I go to Alzada on Sunday and more friends coming in Sunday night to spend a couple days. I might even get some work out of them!

Now, I need to go to work on some saddles.