Went out this morning and finished up our work on the round corral. Took the tractor and pulled some old posts and moved some gates, did a little dirt work in the corral, re-hung an old gate we worked on to straighten out and put a latch on. Came in and fixed dinner and went out and rode this afternoon. Then worked with 4 colts. I am tired. Don’t sound like much, but damn sure wore me down.

Kelvin took pictures while I was working with the first filly, so if any pictures turn out good, I’ll post them later, seeing as how the camera’s battery went dead on him.

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Hey, Just wanted to see if it would post on here.. Or if it would make me get a webpress thingy… Got those holes dug huh… That had to be fun..LOL… Thanks again for lettin me bring my sis out there…. Did ya see that one pic of Gabe on Buck.. He’s just YANKING on his head.. U can tell he doesn’t like Gabe much… LOL.. Talk to u later.. Kass

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