More done!

Got up and went to church. I played and led the singing with Theresa. Our new priest has helped the attendance out.

When we got home we had brunch. Then Kelvin and I built us each a set of bucking rolls. After noon, Chance and I went down and fixed a little fence and took Gus with us. Hrd to get a lot done with that boy along! LOL

Then Kelvin and I went and put the bucking rolls on saddles and I worked Crackerjacks mom, Sweety. She sure is. Ready for the girls or the kids. Just a nice little mare, but I feel funny riding her, no bigger than she is. But plumb willing and gentle.

Then Kelvin rode Beav and I rode Mijo and we took a little tour up north and checked the cows to make sure we didn’t have any sick calves like last year. Lots of feed up there. Should find someone who wants some fall pasture for a month or two.

Keith called and sounds like he’s coming to look at some land that will sell in a week or two.

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