You can click on this and make this photo bigger for better viewing. Crackerjacks legs are getting much better. KInd of hard to believe, for as crooked as they were earlier. His mother is getting thin and I can’t feed her any grain to help her out as that just keeps making her milk too much and that is part of why the colts legs are crooked. Oh well, when he is older I will wean him and feed her better. She is not bred back so she will fatten up nicely.

We had three quarters of an inch of rain yesterday morning. Excellent!

He thought the dogs would be fun to play with.

Then again, maybe not!

4 thoughts on “Crackerjack

  1. I sure hope so Linda as he is a dandy and there will not be anymore like him. His father is now a gelding and this mare isn’t bred back.

  2. I don’t know just how old Crackerjack is, but you might get hold of your vet and ask about a periostial (sp) scrape. When thoroughbred foals are crooked like that, they limit their turn-out time. They need the exercise, but if they get too tired then their turn-out time is reduced. Good Luck

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