About the spotted owl. Here’s a short part of it.

“The Bush administration’s latest plan for saving the northern spotted owl from extinction while allowing a boost in old growth logging was better, but still not good enough, according to three leading professional organizations of wildlife scientists.

The Wildlife Society, the Society for Conservation Biology and the American Ornithologists Union said in independent peer reviews released Monday that the final plan adopted in May was better than the draft they flunked a year ago, but there was still no scientific basis for allowing more logging of the old growth forests where the threatened bird lives.

“Given that the northern spotted owl has been experiencing about a 4 percent annual rate of population decline for the last 15 years, any reductions from current levels of habitat protection cannot be justified,” the joint review by the Society for Conservation Biology and American Ornithologists Union said.

So if they are still in decline, what the tree huggers want done is evidently not working, right? So maybe we need to try something different?

From what I’ve read it is another owl coming in to their area’s and out competing them that are chasing the old spotted owls out. Maybe we need an owl season? Perhaps a season on idiot?

One thought on “Idiots.

  1. The whole spotted owl thing would be a joke if it weren’t so devastating for loggers and small towns on the left coast. While logging has been aggressively curtailed by activists, barred owls have moved in through the back door so to speak and crossbred with the spotted owl, wiping them out faster than habitat destruction ever did.
    Seems to me, by definition of a species…if they interbreed so freely with the interlopers maybe they aren’t even a separate one.

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