Got up to wet and cool this morning. About 3/4 of an inch so far. Still overcast and trying to rain a little.

Chance and I tore out a section of old corral fence and replaced one rotted post on Saturday. Then we put up some sucker rod and planks to re-build it. Also went and roped and doctored on one yearling with foot rot.

Yesterday we went to church and then had a neighbor over and visited for quite a spell. We saddled up Beaver and Woody and went south and cut a bull that was supposed to be a steer. He is now!

When we got back Chance caught and saddled his colt Jake and I caught Pilgrim and we went for a ride. Then a young couple came over and Melvin and I went and looked at some hay he might be interested in putting up then I hopped in with Melvin and Trina and we went a couple hours north east of here to a rodeo. They were up in a couple of roping events and one of the guys who was clowning wanted to meet me. He and I had been visiting on the computer for the past year. He may stop in today on his way to the next rodeo he has. If he does, his boots are going to get muddy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Who says rainy days are boring?? At least, I’m glad somebody else is getting rained on for a change. Alaska’s record low-temperature July is finally over, but it’s still cloudy. It’s hard to make it through a 24-hour period without a shower. But, in spite of that, it’s great that your pastures are getting refreshed.

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