Fun foto’s

I finally found out I can do more than just crop my pix, with my computer program. These are a few I came up with, from the branding on Sunday.

This ones my favorite.

But I really like this one also.

Who’s this ol’ geezer?

I will be posting at night now. That way maybe I can re-cap the days events.

Worked around the yard today and helped Cindy getting ready for the family reunion this weekend. Drove up west and fixed on fence the stupid yearlings broke and set gates to try and get the renegades back in the correct pasture. Then after dinner I rode Woody out and snuck around the wild little beasties and got them back where they started from. Now, if I can just get them back up north where I want them!

My nephews son, Tristan has been spending time with us. He and I and Cindy drove Purple, (my Suzuki Samuri or Sport or whatever, that I use for a 4 wheeler ATV) down and checked on the yearlings we doctored on, last Saturday. I found a few sore foot’s so we smacked them with the crossbow that shoots medicated darts. Not nearly as much fun as using ropes and horses, but nicer too, when dealing with bulls who have a tendency to get pissy when you rope and vaccinate them. As we were reminded on Saturday!

Poor ol’ Marty was riding Kid and we tried to tell him Kid wasn’t too fast. He found out for himself when he got a sorefooted bull roped. It all turned out well, but got a little hairy for a bit. Marty said that Kid doesn’t seem to run any faster when he has a bull pushing him from the back! LOL

This is Marty on Beaver. If he had been riding Beaver when he roped the bull, they wouldn’t have gotten in a jam, I don’t believe.

I just love a good, fast horse! 😉

2 thoughts on “Fun foto’s

  1. I missed the picture of gabe the first time! What a sweetheart! I will have to bring bubbles when I come out. Madison loves them as well.

  2. The ole geezer is….Robert Dennis! Do I get a prize???
    But wait. If you’re an old geezer, what does that make me???

    Great pictures.

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