Tuesday 6/12/07

I just realized that there is no need for me to post the day and date as the blog takes care of that for me. Damn! Now I am going to have to come up with some cool and nifty titles. Managing and writing a daily blog is a pain!

I origianlly did this one last night, so the header desn’t read right. Damn!

Oh well. Face it, I’m a screw up! 😉

Here’s a picture of me on Woody, while we were branding yesterday. We are holding a calf while Chance and Tate and Hope branded, cut and vaccinated him. I just got the new hat and hadn’t shaped on it any, so I look more like a buckaroo than a cowboy or rancher, but thats okay as I like them buckaroo fellers. I just don’t think I look quite as good in this style hat as what I usually wear, so today I re-shaped it to look more like what I normally wear. It was the only straw hat I could find that fit right. I got it at Weather Hats in Belle Fource, of course, as they are the best hatters in the world, in my opinion!

Here’s a close up of Woody, showing my spade bit. I ain’t real sure if Woody is a true, straight up, spade bit horse, but he’s the closest I’ve ever had and he likes this bit and works well in it. Most people consider a spade bit to be cruel, but in reality, when it’s used right, it is a mild bit and most horses really like them. They thing about a spade bit is, when you use one, your not supposed to pull on the bit very hard with the rawhide reins and romal. A true spade bit horse takes years to train to the point where you hardly even move your hand and they understand what it is you want. Me and Woody ain’t the best at it yet, but we do get our work done. 🙂

One thought on “Tuesday 6/12/07

  1. Sorry about the delay in commenting! A couple of great shots. I can’t believe we will be out there in three weeks! We can’t wait to see the ponies and the gang!

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