More Branding pix

This is Hope. She is the bosses, boss. Check the next photo to understand that better. 😉

This was the boss at the branding. He owns the most cattle so he gets to be boss. That must make me the cowboss!

I don’t remember if I had this one on here yesterday or not. If I did, oh well, Marty and Beaver are a good lookin’ couple! 😉

This is Chance putting his trademark/return address/proof of ownership, on one.

Here I am on Woddy, getting set to make a heel shot.

Thats all for tonight!

One thought on “More Branding pix

  1. Great fotos! Now why is it branding looks like more fun than I remember it? LOL What a great pic of Hope! I am still in vegas–so I will have lots of pictures of “bob’s ponies” for Madison when I get home

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