This is Jake.

Chance bought Jake at the same sale I bought Frankie. He was a big gangly colt and Chance wanted a 16 hand “bridle” horse. I don’t think Jake has quite reached 16 hands. And he sure isn’t ready to be ridden in a spade bit. But he is friendly!

I rode him for awhile last fall when Chance rode him at the neighbors, when we were making a gather. Chance had made a big circle on him so we traded horses for about a mile. Jake feels springy. I’ve never ridden a horse who feels quite like he does. You feel like your riding a childs spring horse. Bouncy. Lots of fun.

Now, if Chance would just get him finished him, so I could steal him! 😉

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  1. We missed Jake yesterday! Jake looks a tad nosey? He is looking at the camera as if to say…”hey what is that? can I eat it? NO? then how about a snack?” We have a flu bug at our house so we have been doing lots of sleeping this weekend.

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