Friday 6/8/07

This is Shorty.

I bought Shorty as a weaning colt, when a friend bought one of my colts.I had the money from the sale of that horses so while I was at a sale and they brought this little short black colt in and he wasn’t bringing too much money, I bought him.

Chance is the one who started and trained Shorty. He’s been his “learning” horse. When they were both younger, they used to go around and around. I’ve hardly ever ridden Shorty. I remember Shorty blowing up with Chance one time and Chance ended up in front of the saddle onShorty’s neck and somehow he got back into the saddle and got him rode.

Shorty and Chance have helped me do lots of cow work. Roping and doctoring yearlings, sorting. They’ve drug lots of calves to the fire at brandings. I was shocked when I found out that Chance had let Hope ride Shorty. I didn’t think he was that gentle. Chance even let his youngest sis in law ride him!

Dang Shorty, you must be gettin’ old and broke! 😉

2 thoughts on “Friday 6/8/07

  1. I think we will leave riding shorty to chance! Why spoil all of his fun? We can’t wait to see all the horses. At school today~~ she announced at the door “uncle Bob has ponies…he said I could ride” See a pattern? LOL

  2. Enjoying the blog. The pictures are great. Congratulations on the rain. We need it, too, but I’m not begrudging since we usually get plenty. There were major thunderstorm warnings out last night but the weather is being very disobedient to the forecasters lately. Nothing interrupted the steady hum of the cicadas.

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