Sunday 6/10/07

This is a pony of a different color! This is Gus’s Belgiun horse, his parents got him. Ain’t that one cute little cowboy?!

Guss brought his folks and other grampa out yesterday and his Aunt CJ, as we are branding calves today. imagine Gus is going to have to do most of the work. He’s such a good hand, I doubt any of the rest of us can keep up.

His cousin Gabe will be here around 10 to help him.

It is sooo good to have these young cowboys around to help out Gramps!

One thought on “Sunday 6/10/07

  1. What cute cowboys you have to help! I will lend you a cute cowgirl to match. Gus has gotten so big, we can’t wait to see gabe and gus…

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