Thursday 6/7/07

This is Kid, Mad.

You and your mom sat on him the last time you were here. I even have pictures to prove it. I just can’t seem to find them right now!

Kid used to be the Stallion. We have a son and daughter out of him. I bought Kid when he was a fresh weaned colt. He’s rock solid and anybody can get along with him. He’s the boss horse around here, but he’s kind of Like a Godfather in all the movies about the mob. He never has to say much, everybody just stays out of his way. But if he needs too, he will make his feelings known and then the other horses have to get out of the way.

If your mom is really, really nice, Mad, I just might let her ride Kid again. And then I will post a picture on here as evidence!


We got another 1.5 inches of rain or so yesterday evening. Big black cloud came in from the northwest and really let go! It’s been wet and raining all thru’ the night and still this morning, and supposed to stay this way all day. A high of 51 degrees is what we are supposed to have.

Seems a little cool for June, but it sure is good weather for the grass and livestock.

We must be up around 10 inches of rain for the year, so far. Maybe past!

This one came hard and fast, so maybe it ran some water. I guess I am going to have to go explore and find out.

I love rain. πŸ™‚

10:26 am update! Rain guage is almost at 2 inches! Woohoo.

One thought on “Thursday 6/7/07

  1. We remember kid well! Mad screamed the whole time she was up there LOL. This time she should have lots more fun riding. More rain? WOW! This is the 3rd or 4th time in the last couple of weeks! Gotta love it! Take all the photos you want…of mom on the horse..I will have to steal the camera when you aren’t looking! :o) Mad is bouncing on her seat, she is so excited about all the horses. Well ok they are all ponies to her! We will see you guys in three weeks!

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