Wednesday 6/6/07

Here’s Woody, Maddie.

Ain’t he pretty? He’s probably the “cowyest” horse I’ve ever ridden. There ain’t a cow in the world we can’t catch, tho’ he’s gettin’ older and maybe slowin’ down a little.

But he’s goofy. Wild, doesn’t like or trust people too much. A lot of survival instinct. I used to call him my $1,000,000 horse cuz’ that is what it would have took to buy him, but I got to worrying that somebody might offer it, so I raised it to $1,500,000.

Once when we were riding up in the west pasture, in some tall grass on a side hill, we ran onto a porkypine, of all things. We were at a lope and Woody tried to sidestep and not come near him, but didn’t quite make it. He got quills in his left front pastern. That’s the part where the foot bends below the ankle and is even kind of part of the ankle. I tried to pull them out where we were, but it hurt him everytime I pulled one out, so I didn’t get too much accomplished.

Later in the day I went down to CRS to get some salt or something and ran into a feller who I was telling about it and he suggested to use vineagar on the quills. He had heard that vineagar would soften the quill to where they would come out easier.

A neighbor just happened to come by when I got home so he went to help me with the project. I took a little hand spray squirt bottle and knelt down on the ground in front of Woody to apply the vineagar. The first squirt scared Woody and it didn’t get any better! I did manage to get all the quills pulled out and he healed up and was fine. But he doesn’t like squirt bottles or me kneeling on the ground in front of him!

Ahh, if I could just find a younger one, just like him and do a better job of training him.

Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?


One thought on “Wednesday 6/6/07

  1. We love the stories and keep the photos coming. It’s getting hard to pick a favorite! We love them all~~ Madison keeps telling me she wants to ride so it will be interesting to see if she will actually get on a horse! Thank you again for all the fun!

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