Tuesday 6/05/07

Here’s a REAL pony, Mad.

This is Buck, the Indian pony. No, he didn’t come from India!

He’s called an Indian pony because he is what the Indian’s rode, years ago. He’s small and carries the caristeristics (sp) of the Spanish Barb or the first type of horse that grew up on the wide plains of the western Uninted States, called “mustangs”. He is the size and type that the old time cowboy’s rode and brought the cattle up fromTexas astride. They were mostly boys in our eyes because of their ages and their horses were considered ponies, because of their small stature. One eastern lady is reported to have asked an old cowboy who came up the trail about the “boy’s and ponies” that he came up with. His reply was, “Ma’am, there weren’t no ponies or boys. They was all men and horses! I believe they were. They crossed miles and miles of country and lots of rivers to get up here. Many were buried beside a river crossing, as they didn’t make it across alive. Many are buried where they fell in stampedes and other hazardous duties they performed, such as lightning stricks.

When your driving thru’ this country or any of the great plains for that matter and hit bad weather, just think of them “men and horses” who had no protection from the elelments and who just toughed it out and made it work. No wonder we immortalized them in songs and poems.

Buck, or as we call him a lot, Little Bucky, is all horse. He may not stand much taller than your average pony, if that, but he can pack an appropriate sized rider for more miles than most bigger horses. He’s packed me around some pretty big circles when he was a little snorty in the spring for the boys. Usually, I was the one who got tired first!

He helped raise my sons and is working on the grandkids now. Maddy, when you get here, your welcome to ride him if you like, but you’ve got to be good to him. I think as much or more of him as any other horse I have!

And like me, he’s gettin’ old. And cranky. šŸ™‚

Ask me about when Tristan was little and livin’ with me and I’ll tell you a couple good stories about him and his “babysettin’. šŸ™‚

One thought on “Tuesday 6/05/07

  1. Thank you for the great story! We have decided Bucky is the perfect size to ride! He seems a little shaggier than the others and I think we like that. We have now seen photos of nine of the ponies! Every day we have a new favorite and we pick one to make the background on our computer! Love Madison

    PS she talked dad into buying another stuffed pony bringing her count to 4…god help me

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