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Wet and windy out there today! Wonderful!

Sounds like Wyoming is really getting a blizzard. We’ve just had rain so far. Chance just called and said they have snow in the Hills. Cindy decided to stay in town as she was afraid it would be real icy at 5 in the morning when she would have to leave to go to work.

Whatever kind of moisture comes and however much, we’ll take it!

I built a stone boat and hooked up Dandy to it yesterday. Man! He can run real fast inside of a round pen! Had me worried there for about 10 minutes, but then he slowed down. When we turned and went the other way, it was the same song, second verse! I never did get Fine hooked up. Oh well, all things in time.

Did I mention we were getting rain? 🙂

Just came in from driving the draft colts. Dandy, the coming 3 year old gelding, drove off like an old broke horse. Fine, the coming 2 year old filly, a full sister to Dandy, drove a little snorty at first, but calmed down real fast. Both seem to be doing great, tho’ they are kind of wild acting when you go to catch them. That will change with time. I didn’t work with them very long. Only until I saw improvement. Hopefully next time they will enjoy it more and look forward to it. I fed them each a couple of bites of oats after I unharnessed them.

I went and found some single trees and a double tree to hook them to and then they can drag them around. I need to go get some spikes and make myself a stoneboat. A stoneboat is a crude sled that they used to haul stones off from the field with. Usually just a couple of planks for the runners and boards or planks nailed on top for the weight bearing surface. You don’t use a tongue on it, but just drag it with a single horse or a team or even four or six horses if you wanted to. It gives them a slight pull which they need to get used to and also it gives the driver somewhere to stand while he is driving. At my age and physical shape, that is a very important point! 😉

Chance and Hope brought Gus out this weekend and me and Chance got some needed work done. We also drove the two draft colts.

We worked on a leanto that has been slowly falling down for the past few years. Hopefully the kids will be back this next weekend also and we will get more work done. It was the first time Chance has gotten to ride a horse for quite awhile. He kind of acted like he was enjoying it! 😉

Me and Gramma enjoyed Gus! 🙂

Hope enjoyed getting to sleep while someone was watching Gus. 🙂

I guess it was a good weekend for all. 🙂

Cindy picked up Gabe on the way home from work, Saturday. Me and Gabe had a great time. I even talked him into to wearing the hat I had a new sweatband in, for the grandkids. He got to drive Purple and the tractor (with Grampa’s help).

Me and Gramma took Tyler and went down and spent the afternoon and evening with the kids and Gus. Tate, Kass and Gabe showed up later. Poor ol’ Gus didn’t stand a chance!

I do believe, he’s a keeper!

We have another heir to the throne! 🙂

Augustin Chance Dennis was born last night at about 8:30. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 inches long. His parents both seemed quit proud of their involvement in the occasion and the child.

Me and gramma are sure happy! 🙂

I think he will be a natural conservative, as they tell me he stuck his head out into the world and checked it all out before he decided it was safe to make his entrance.

That’s my boy! 😉

Both mother, father and child were seeking rest and relaxation, when we left the hospital. Unfortunately, only Gus will be doing much resting for the next week or so, is my guess. 😉

I’m not real sure mother or father will get much rest now for at least another 21 years or so. LOL

Well, I just received the call………….

Chance and Hope are at the hospital and it sounds like we are going to get a grandson this time, tho’ the doctor told Chance to wait a bit to call people, until Hope dilates to 4 centimeters. After a false start a couple of weeks ago, I think it’s all going to be coming together this time.

I told Chance to tell her to hold off until after midnight and then they could name him St. Patrick. 🙂

He didn’t seem to think that was a good idea. 🙂

I will keep posting, as this turn of events comes about. Gee, I feel just like a news reporter! LOL


It’s been awhile. But then, not too much has been happening. I’ve been getting my checks loaded to the computer so I can go to the tax man next week. Boring and yet amazing, all the money we spent last year and what we spent it on. Way to much on food and fuel! Boring. LOL

A neighbor lady fell or tripped or some such, last week, and broke her leg really bad, so we went over and visited last night. Her husband had been kicked by a cow just before her injury, so they are both in poorer shape than one would like to be, what with calving, lambing and such. I hope they will call on all of their neighbors to lend them a hand, as they would be the first to lend a hand if the shoe, or cast in this case, was on the other foot! LOL

We had fog most of the day yesterday and some this morning. Supposedly we will have rain in 80 to 90 days from the fog. I hope so.

We did get a little snow, but the weather has been mild for this time of the year, or maybe I’m just thinking it is mild compared to 0 or 10 above.

My cows don’t look to be in any hurry to start having calves, so I just feed and putt around here. Been working on a saddle and have a couple more to get down before summer, if possible.

I better quit writing and get to putting! LOL