Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Hope you had yourself a happy one. We are supposed to get all the kids home today, and of course the grandson and the grandson to be, will be coming with his mother and father.:)

I spent the first 3 days of the week in Gillette, again. Sounds like I might become a resident, this winter, as long as the weather and the work hold up.

I’m getting more used to it. Even getting to know where and when to eat, for faster service.

Gillette reminds me of an old town in the west, or at least how I assume it would have been, in spirit. A lot of hustle and bustle and almost twice as many men as women. Everyone is in a hurry to get something done, or to be somewhere. Traffic is kind of fast and furious, and you soon learn to drive like they do, or get left behind.

It’s good to be home and away from the hectic life. I guess that is what I am most thankful for, today. That and living in a country where we get to come and go as we please and pretty much do as we want and say what we want.

So Thanks, all you past service members, and also the present ones, who have worked and died for us, to be able to live in such a grand country. Even with all of it’s flaws, I think it must be the best one out there. Otherwise, why would so many be trying to get here?

And as to the person who wrote me and said I should update this blog daily, well all I can say is, I’ll try, but it’s pretty hard when I don’t have access to a computer, in Gillette. And I still want some of those big Tonka toys, for Christmas, if any of you have me on your list, this year. LOL And remember, when it comes to Tonka toys, bigger is better! 😉

Hope you had a great day!

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